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My first group art show was in 1995, as a college student. I didn’t have another until about 8 years later. Then, I began selling at Emerging Art Scene and Kai Lin Art galleries in Atlanta, Georgia. Many commissions and exhibitions later I moved to Pasadena, California, where the art of the landscape is so prolific. Here, I explore mostly California and the Southwest finding inspiration on every hill, at every sunset. The trees, light, and foliage are astounding. 

The California Impressionists are now a big influence on my work, Edgar Payne and William Wendt tipping the scales. I have for a long time studied the works of such various artists as Diebenkorn, Scholder, Kline, Cezanne, Klimt, and Sargent, as well as, the incredible illustrations of Struzan, Mignola, and Leyendecker. 


Of all my artistic influences, nature itself (the sun, the moon, the myriad plant species, which are our teachers and our medicine, the waters, fire, wind, lightning, and all the animals “running wild” and flourishing here in our shared space) inspires me to express in anyway possible, the beauty, glory, delicacy and fleeting yet infinite moments of the cycle of life and death and life again.


There is an awe of nature which is accompanied by an acute inspiration to respond with an interpretive image. Artists are students of this great experience who reflect on the joy, tragedy, fear, and shocking magnificence all around and within us. They glimpse the power of nature, mankind, or the spirit behind it all, and wish to echo back a great, “I hear you”, “I see you”, and most of all, “I feel you”! 


I am propelled by the force of sensations that each stroke, each final image or song is a record of a moment so deeply felt. Over time, these moments and exploration of the medium lead us over a path of improvement and evolution of technique to a place where the feeling, once primitive in nature, is now expressed as fully as can be done in the chosen language, for today.


This is the journey I have chosen. I invite you to join me along the path of communion with the spirit of nature.